Why Archteva?

Archteva was conceived in 2014 as a way to execute unusual products in the architectural specialty world under a unified integration process, led by experienced, knowledgeable staff and deployed on-site, ready for occupancy.

Archteva provides superior product knowledge, design consultation, specification assistance, fabrication & installation, all backed by stellar project support for even your most complex and demanding design visions.

Archteva is led by Chief Creative Evangelist, Brent Williams. With over 35 years in the architectural details, finishes and specialties world, Brent truly is a passionate advocate for the use of progressive yet appropriate materials and systems. Brent’s background included study at the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design as well as years of involvement in the fabrication and installation of specialty architectural details and elements.

In addition to his passion for creative design, Brent is passionate cyclist and cycle mechanic, holding a USA Cycling Racing Mechanic’s License, and has a love for all things outdoor. Brent is married to Jeanne, the single best Doctor of Physical Therapy on the planet, who happens to be the owner of Quest Therapy Consultants, a practice centered on endurance sports with a triathlon focus. You can reach Brent by email here.