I’m sitting here inside today, partially because I’ve got a lot going on with Archteva, and partially because it’s hotter than blue hades outside and it just rained, meaning that this afternoon’s planned bike ride is going to either not happen or it’ll be a pedaling sauna. Neither outcome are good in my book.

But while I’ve got just a quick second with no real pressing issues, I wanted to catch you all up on what’s happening in the Archteva world. By now most of you know that I’ve moved on to the next phase in my career by selling Energy Control to the staff. My guys are an amazing team and it had always been the plan to let them take over management of the company, but an opportunity came up that I simply couldn’t let get away.

If you’re a client of Energy Control Consultants or Finish Fusion, you’ve almost certainly heard me talk about Reatec, the fusion film manufactured by Sangetsu, LTD of Nagoya, Japan. Reatec is the number one selling fusion product in the entire world, due in most part to the simple fact that Sangetsu is a purely design driven company with quality involved at every step of their internal processes. Sangetsu make myriad interior finish products, from flooring, fabrics, acoustical treatments, glass films and many, many more. All of their products are leaders in their industry within their international markets.

The opportunity that I couldn’t pass up was the chance to become the product lead for Reatec. The market here in the United States still doesn’t fully understand the value and integration points of fusion finishes, so the management at Sangetsu approached me about helping lead the way within the american design community. I simply couldn’t say no, so I’ve been involved with Sangetsu at some level for the last year. During that time, there has been a lot of action to align our efforts with the american market. First and foremost, we have acquired Koroseal Interior Products to give us sales, logistical and marketing support on a scale in keeping with size of Sangetsu’s plans. That transition is now substantially complete.

The next few months are going to be a whirlwind, as my duties in support of Koroseal will be taking a lot of my time. But I’m still here at Archteva, creating those highly unusual architectural elements and projects that you’ve come to know over the years. Please feel free to reach out anytime!

Let’s roll!